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Be the first to recruit by accessing trusted communities where you can find the best candidates before they even look for their next team.

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    Quantic Telecom

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    Hubvisory Source

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    Marte DevOps & Cloud

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  • LockSelf


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Make your teams shine in trusted communities

Use our All-In-One toolkit to showcase your teams in communities where candidates gather daily to learn, discuss, and chill. They trust these communities more than LinkedIn or any other job board.

Publish your team offers automatically across the most relevant job boards in our growing network of 100+ communities.

Loved by candidates!

The rumors are true: candidates love the way we do recruitment.

    • I'm already in❤️ at registration: "Are you actively looking for *a team*" (yes a team, not necessarily a company), "What are the 2 most important values for you among the following?"

      Caroline Senes

      Frontend developer @Altran

      Caroline Senes
    • They have an interesting recruitment approach with sorting criteria that I find really make sense. I hope this more human way of doing things will become the norm. Can't wait to see the sequel!

      Julien Marseille

      Ruby developer @squadracer

      Julien Marseille
    • They're just starting out but I REALLY ✨like✨ the way @MyLittleTeam is trying to change #hiring. Filtering by values instead of skills, things that do matter to more and more people. And trying to do it at team level, instead of company level as well. Really hope they succeed!

      Julien Lengrand-Lambert

      Dev. Advocate @AdyenDevs

      Julien Lengrand-Lambert


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Each community has different pricing based on the quality and roles of the candidates it gives you access to.


Ideal if you have an existing career page

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  • Unlimited team profiles
  • Redirection to your own career page
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Frequently asked questions

What's the FAQ?!

If like us, you take know for an answer, you may be interested in the following Frequently Asked Questions.

    • What type of candidates can I reach with you?

      You can reach passionate, highly educated candidates from our tech and business communities. However, we are continuously growing our network of communities into new sectors.

    • How many candidates can I expect?

      It depends on the number, size, and quality of the communities you decide to publish in. But we always work with our communities to value quality over quantity.

    • Can I get reimbursed if I publish in a community but get no candidate?

      Of course, we will reimburse any fee paid if you get no candidates or if the candidates are not qualitative.

Join hundreds of teams who recruit first thanks to communities

Be the first to recruit by accessing trusted communities where you can find the best candidates before they even look for their next team.

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When recruiting for your team, you first think about your friends and former colleagues, people you trust. But who else can you reach out to if they are not available?

You can try LinkedIn and other mainstream job boards, but the experience for managers and candidates is very frustrating.

Finding a teammate we can trust is hard on platforms where all human connections and values have disappeared.

That's why we've built My Little Team, to help teams find candidates they can trust and the other way around.

In the last year, we've helped outstanding teams be the first to connect with thousands of candidates in trusted communities.

And we'd love to help you too, so join us!

Yannick Bidois
Technical co-founder, My Little Team